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About Polydes - community extensions

Polydes is a collection of open source Stencyl extensions.

The name Polydes is a throwback to "Polyhedron Designs", a semi-official but short-lived Stencyl game production group from 2007 composed of community members. While a number of impressive Nintendo title knock-offs and original titles were lined up, I don't recall that any games were actually released.

The community spirit of that group led me to reclaim the name. I'd like to view these extensions as the Stencyl community's extensions. That's why I packaged them all under the name Polydes, instead of using my own name.

The source of the name also explains why the logo is a small stellated dodecahedron, a type of polyhedron.

Featured Extensions

Put together rich styled and animated dialog with events. Ideal for text-heavy games, such as RPGs and visual novels.

Handle structured data to be included in your game. For example, data about items, spells, and character stats in an RPG.

Manage the "extras" folder (where arbitrary data can be included in a project) with a File Exporer-type interface from within Stencyl.

Configure a single project to export with different configurations. For example, different SDKs for different HTML5 portals.

Lay out scenes visually relative to each other. Can be useful for designing Metroidvania-style games.

All Extensions

Extend the capabilities of the toolset to make game authoring and distribution a breeze.

Add new blocks and SDK integrations to the engine.


If you'd like to help keep these extensions maintained, please consider sponsoring the polydes organization on Github.